The INdustry experts

We pride ourselves on providing you with industry experts that you can trust, for every step of your wellness journey. We’ve created a team that share the same passions and beliefs, working towards one simple goal - to educate people on how to achieve sustainable wellness in their day to day lives, that lasts for the long term. We believe that by teaching small behaviour changes, we can help others to become healthier and more productive, in both body & mind. We’d like to introduce you to our core team.


Alex - founder & movement coach

Founder Alex came up with the concept of LEAP across the Atlantic, when he was preparing to return to London after a 5 year stint in health hubs New York & LA. His belief that wellness should be accessible & sustainable for all, regardless of job, income or lifestyle, drove his passion to change the way businesses manage the wellbeing of their employees. 12 months (1000 coffee meetings and several 3am light bulb moments) later, LEAP launched itself into the London market. Since then, Alex has continued to exercise his skills to service individual and corporate LEAP clients, as a personal trainer, sports masseuse, class instructor & wellness retreat host in the UK and abroad.

“ From the moment we met Alex we knew our wellness program was in very capable hands. His knowledge & experience is so widely spread and the way in which he delivers the information is so easy to digest for anyone that doesn’t know where to start.” Martin - DHG.

Katie - yoga & retreat host

Katie is a specialist in Hatha Yoga, with 500hrs training in Indonesia under her belt and her own successful Yoga Studio. She is a certified instructor in natural movement, using ‘Ginastica’ natural training techniques to help keep the bodies of her clients supple and strong. Katie’s focus on breath awareness and meditative exercises sets her apart from the rest, helping bodies to function at their optimum level, calming the mind and relieving some of the stresses of everyday life.

“Katie hosted the retreat we went to in Ibiza and taught all of our yoga classes, she is the best! She makes everything so much fun & no matter what your ability she takes time to make sure you’re always learning.” Emma Brooks.

Victoria - nutritionist

Victoria offers a high-level of expertise in health-supportive cuisine.  A professionally trained nutritional chef, Vicky specialises in ‘living’ food & healthful cooking. She writes professionally on the topic of health and wellness for a variety of online and print publications, also acting as consultant to advise some of the best known restaurant chains in UK. Her in-depth knowledge of healthy cuisine is absolutely invaluable when looking to encourage behaviour changes within a corporate or at home environment.

“Vicky hosted a skin clinic as part of our ‘LEAP Lunch & Learn’ program at work. Her personality is infectious and she gave us all so many useful tips on how to eat well, to see benefits from the inside out. Everyone came away buzzing to try the new tips.” Emma - Bloor homes


Hope - meditation & sleep coach

Hope brings a vast amount of experience and knowledge of both mindfulness and sleep to our portfolio. Having been certified as a Mindfulness Cognitive Trainer, her transformational approach incorporates positive psychology, yoga, and mindfulness-based concepts. Hope is hugely passionate about developing good research to back up her practice and works as a sleep psychology consultant for ‘Simba Sleep’ across Europe. Hope offers services as an event speaker, workshop host & class teacher, as well being a sought-after lifestyle contributor to leading wellness publications.

“Hope held a workshop for us all about sleep, it was absolutely fascinating to learn more about something we all do every single day, but no so little about. I hope we run more of these workshops as the entire team found it interesting - we were chatting about it for days afterwards.” Abi - Deloitte


Kaya - self-empowerment & movement coach

A training & development coach for the instructor team at luxury London based spin studio ‘Psycle’, Kaya is focused on delivering classes & workshops specifically built to empower and inspire through intentional mental motivation. A trained self- empowerment, life & mindset coach, those who spend time with Kaya are absolutely in awe of her energy. She also offers services as a level 3 personal trainer & pilates instructor, with the aim of helping individuals to love and tune into their unique power both mentally and physically.

“Our small team (of all women) hired LEAP to provide us with a Lunch & Learn session centering around wellness and they delivered Kaya - Thank you!! Our mindset & empowerment session had us all feeling so motivated & genuinely powerful. The morale boost was tangible for weeks afterwards.” Charlotte - Livias Kitchen.

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Arti - wellness consultant

Arti offers her services as a qualified career consultant, having spent the past 14 years working within the professional services industry. Having achieved huge career success, Arti understands what it means to sacrifice aspects of a healthy lifestyle for career progression. After going through her own personal wellbeing journey, Arti is experienced in hosting talks & workshops focusing on corporate wellness, understanding and managing stress, setting boundaries, and understanding how wellness can be designed to work for you. 

“You can tell by the way Arti delivers her message that she’s experienced the corporate world & all of it’s pitfalls in the past. This made her so relatable to our team (we were expecting a real wellness fanatic that just doesn’t get how harsh the corporate lifestyle can be). Our monthly sessions with her are both interesting & motivating and we hope they long continue.'“ - Martin - DHG.


Lara - movement coach

Lara is an extremely knowledgeable personal trainer, with a wealth of experience in the wellbeing industry and a lifelong passion for fitness. Modelling & coaching for Nike, running ultra-marathons, competing at world-class obstacle course racing and working in cardiology - Lara’s schedule is packed to the brim. Her lifelong ambition is to work with as many people as possible to establish a healthy and sustainable relationship with diet and exercise, helping them to achieve a balanced, fulfilled and well-rounded lifestyle.

“We hired LEAP to provide us with a team building fitness session every week & they sent the lovely Lara. Lara’s sessions in the field by our office are fun (if not a little sweaty!). Every week our classes change between circuits & partner workouts and everyone in the office looks forward to them. She’s always happy, upbeat & just the right level of motivating!” Rachel - Seedlip