Residential buildings

LEAP provides luxury residential buildings in London with a variety wellbeing services. Our portfolio of experts are some of the best in the industry, enabling us to provide tailored services perfectly suited to the buildings we work in. Residents can enjoy movement & personal training sessions, nutrition workshops, yoga and a range other holistic services on their doorstep.


LEAP can provide your residential building with elite level coaches who will make your time spent exercising as efficient as possible. Our movement coaches offer group or individual training sessions, aimed to push you further. Sessions are available in your buildings gym space or individual residents homes.

  • Personal Training

  • Group Exercise Class

  • LEAP Trainer - Online Personal Training


Learning how to fuel your body is integral to maintaining sustainable wellness all aspects of your life & keeping up with a fast paced lifestyle. Residents will work with our portfolio of nutritionists to assess & develop sustainable eating behaviours, allowing residents to reach their goals & stay energised.

  • Meal Planning

  • Nutrition Workshops

  • Health MOT’s

Residents are able to enjoy a variety of yoga styles, from restorative to energising, on their doorstep with our wide portfolio of teachers. Alternatively an in house massage or learn how to mobilise and lengthen out those tight joints with a stretch class..

  • Pilates

  • Sports and Swedish Massage

  • Yoga Class

  • Meditation Session

  • Stretch Class

  • Gong Baths

  • Empowerment and Mindset Talks