LEAP TRAINER: your online PT

  • Watch your LEAP TRAINER perform & describe each of your exercises via the app.

  • Log your workouts & track your progress via app.

  • Feedback & chat to your LEAP TRAINER at any time.

Enjoy tailored programs that are designed to engage both your body & mind. Regardless of your workout environment, your ability and whether you have access to equipment or not, your LEAP Trainer will create a progressive program to help you to reach your personal goals. There are no automated programs or ‘smart generators’ here, your LEAP TRAINER is a real-life human, whom you’ll have the opportunity to chat & liaise with throughout your journey.

Once you’ve signed up to LEAP TRAINER, you will have the option to add the LEAP NUTRITION service to your program for just £10.00 per month, enabling you to achieve the best results possible with a 2-pronged exercise and nutrition based approach.

Step 1

Decide where you’re going to train


No Equipment

For those wanting to workout at home, outdoors, or on holiday without the need for weights or equipment. Enjoy innovative and progressive bodyweight sessions every week, aimed to smash through your goals and banish your excuses.


Limited Equipment

For those wanting to workout in a small gym or at-home, with simple equipment like dumbbells and resistance bands. Get the most out of your training environment with a combination of bodyweight and resistance exercises.



For those that have a gym membership with access to a range of equipment and adequate training space. Learn or perfect your lifting technique and enjoy a range of progressive movements aimed at achieving your goals.

Step 2

Fill in our tailored consultation form

Every program is tailored by your LEAP Trainer, so in order to give you the best possible program for YOU, we need as much information about your lifestyle, your abilities and your goals as possible.

Whether this is the first time you’ve committed to working out, or you’re a fully established gym fanatic, we will add innovative & progressive exercises to each program based on your responses to our consultation form to make sure you get the most of every workout.

During and after your initial program, you’ll have the opportunity to chat with your LEAP Trainer to change and adapt your future sessions. As you progress, you’ll learn what keeps you motivated, and our experts are here to help at all times.

Step 3

Let’s get going!

Once we’ve received your consultation form and sign up details, your LEAP Trainer will start designing your bespoke program. You’ll receive a link via email to download the LEAP Trainer app, your FREE RESISTANCE BAND will be posted out to you, your first 4 week program will then be available on the app within 2 working days. It’s that simple!