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about us

LEAP was founded by Alex, a health and wellness professional with 10 years of experience in the industry.

The concept for LEAP was born across the Atlantic, when Alex was preparing to return to London after a 5 year stint in wellness-hubs New York & LA. His belief that wellness should be accessible & sustainable for all, regardless of job, income or lifestyle, drove his passion to change the way businesses manage the wellbeing of their employees. 12 months (1000 coffee meetings and several 3am light bulb moments) later, LEAP launched itself into the London market.

Since then, Alex has continued to exercise his skills to service individual and corporate LEAP clients, as a personal trainer, sports masseuse, class instructor & wellness retreat host in the UK and abroad.

As the business evolved, Alex built a network of likeminded LEAP team-members to share the workload, delving into the servicing of residential buildings & shared working spaces across the city, providing residents & members with yoga, personal training, sports massage, nutrition workshops & more.

LEAP’s latest addition to the portfolio is the LEAP TRAINER APP, which launched in April 2019, providing bespoke personal training to the masses at a monthly membership of £15.00.


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